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A conversation with one of the leading lights of American commerce in the Middle Kingdom.

By Jeremy Goldkorn and Kaiser Kuo


Virginia A. Kamsky, also known as Ginny, is one of the leading foreign businesspeople in China and a legend of the U.S.-China commercial relationship. She first went to China in 1978 with what was then the Chase Manhattan Bank, before the country began “reform and opening up” and when very few foreigners visited. In 1980, Ginny founded Kamsky Associates, Inc., one of the first U.S. companies to be granted a business license in China. As a strategic advisory firm, Kamsky works with a wide array of clients that range from automobile, chemical, and finance to media and more.

Unlike some foreign businesspeople but like many of the most successful business leaders in China, Ginny has a background in Chinese language and culture, having learned it since she was 10 years old. On the podcast, she shares some of her experiences getting to know some of the more notable politicians, executives, and entrepreneurs working in China, and the opportunities and pitfalls of doing business there as a woman and as a foreigner.

Ginny will also be featured next month — on May 18, 2017 — as a speaker on the CEO/Leaders panel of the SupChina Women and China Conference in New York.


Jeremy: 5 Calls, a smartphone app designed for the American “resistance” to Donald Trump, which gives you the numbers of five elected representatives or government offices in the U.S. to contact every day based on your location.

Ginny: A video of Chinese ballroom dancing from 1929, plus the new book of Brookings scholar Cheng Li, Chinese Politics in the Xi Jinping Era: Reassessing Collective Leadership.

Kaiser: Crazy Aaron Thinking Putty, a fun toy his son discovered and that Kaiser has found quite useful as a sort of stress ball.


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