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Strategic Consulting

KAI’s strategic consulting service area covers a wide range of processes from start to finish. From laying the groundwork to closing the deal and beyond, the KAI team is dedicated to pushing each process forward and getting results for the client. Furthermore, KAI offers proactive ongoing support, ensuring that clients receive the assistance they need at every stage of their China business strategy.

Laying the Groundwork

Beginning with a sector of interest or a specific strategic question, KAI performs in-depth research and engages with industry experts throughout China to obtain the information necessary to make the right choices for the client’s strategic planning. With a clear understanding of the client’s environment, opportunities, and obstacles, KAI works with the client in formulating wise and timely strategies.

Strategic Planning

In the strategic planning stage, KAI considers multiple perspectives. Whether identifying business partners or drafting government mapping for an approval process, KAI understands that starting with a comprehensive and clearly-articulated plan is necessary for driving the process efficiently and successfully. While focusing in on the specific circumstances of the client’s strategic questions, KAI always considers the big picture implications as well, and thus maintains a well-balanced and long-term perspective.

Implementation Support

Once the approach has been formulated, KAI assists clients in implementing the chosen strategies and solving any problems that may arise. From facilitating meetings with target investors to obtaining approvals from regulatory bodies, KAI leverages its understanding of China’s business practices and extensive network to ensure that the strategy is executed effectively.

Ongoing Support

One of KAI’s distinct characteristics is our continuing dedication to clients, often beyond single transactions. The KAI team proactively champions our clients at all times, by continually building and maintaining constructive relationships, monitoring relevant industry and regulatory changes, and consulting on any questions or problems that arise. KAI tracks and analyzes any issue that may affect a client’s business, and provides the client with advisable next-steps. If unseen problems arise for the client, KAI steps in with as much support as necessary to help the client understand and tackle the issue at hand. Clients can rely on KAI for continued support before, during, and after the strategic implementation process.

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