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A brief overview of Kamsky Associates, Inc.'s journey.



December 5, 1980

Kamsky Associates, Inc. is founded by Virginia Kamsky and granted a license by the State Administration of Exchange Controls to operate one of the first twenty American companies in China.


Assisted with rebuilding Chinese libraries with the largest distributor of books through a World Bank grant, together with China's State Education Commission, Beijing University and Fudan University.


Established sister state (province) relationship between Hainan Island and the state of Mississippi. Identified export opportunities throughout Asia and potential sources of foreign investment for Mississippi.


Structured a project finance loan to the China Metallurgical Import and Export Corporation for the refinancing of a major non-ferrous metals mine in Shaanxi Providence, and drafted and negotiated the loan agreement.


Negotiated on behalf of a specialty chemical division of a Fortune 100 company for the establishment of China's first wholly foreign-owned enterprise.



Assisted an American insurance company to obtain the first foreign-owned life and non-life insurance license from the People's Bank of China.


Established a distribution system for the sale of medical products of a major multinational company throughout China and Asia in general. Identified distributors and managed distribution systems.


Obtained the license for foreign involvement in the first international paging company in China, which required approval from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and meetings with the Mayor of Shanghai and the Premier of China.


Negotiated the transformation of a Chinese state-owned enterprise to a 70% foreign-owned industrial chocolate and confectionary joint venture.

Identified partners and strategic locations for theme parks for a subsidiary of a leading U.S. media and entertainment company.


Negotiated for gold mining joint ventures on behalf of one of the world's largest gold producers.

Assisted a private Swiss aircraft chartering company in obtaining the first private aircraft chartering license with fixed base operations in China.



Assisted with the formation of a joint venture between a Swiss chemical company and the People's Bank of China to manufacture anti-counterfeiting ink for Chinese bank notes.


Obtained approval from the General Administration of Press and Publications to publish the world's largest paid circulation magazine in mainland China through a long-term cooperative agreement with the Shanghai Press and Publishing Development Company (SPPD), making it the first American general-interest title to publish in China.


Negotiated over $500 million in nonferrous metals, coal, oil and gas deals.


Advised a European-based private equity firm on the sale, in excess of $600 million, of a chemicals company to a major state-owned Chinese chemical conglomerate.



Realigned client’s interest in financial services sector in line with opening and reform.


Advised client in the transportation sector on strategy for expansion into cities across China.


Supported emergence of cutting edge/innovative companies in the technology space.


Assisted with the development and implementation of reduced carbon-emitting asphalt in Chongqing Municipality and Beijing.


Virginia Kamsky is appointed International Investment Advisor to Guangzhou Municipality.


Guided US-based client on how to operate in China given recent environmental initiatives.


Continuously advise clients of KAI that date back to founding of KAI in 1980.  Expand portfolio into newly emerging industries, including growing presence of technology and media companies. Advising on disposal of Chinese assets to global companies outside of China and on expanding China presence of clients on the Mainland.  Advising on geo-political issues, including challenges posed by tariffs. Monitoring opportunities for clients in line with China’s priorities.

December 15, 1978

Normalization announced between the U.S. and China. Virginia Kamsky is in Beijing as a member of Chase Manhattan Bank’s delegation invited by the Bank of China, having just emerged from meeting with President Li Xiannian in the Great Hall of the People.

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