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KAI’s methodology reflects our many years of experience developing solutions for our clients’ most difficult problems. KAI’s comprehensive approach combines well-established and effective practices with highly specific services tailored to meet our clients’ unique needs. From initial market assessment to strategic planning, and from negotiations to implementation, KAI infuses its work with a consistent methodology guided by an unparalleled knowledge base and informed by our powerful network.

Given its project experience in all phases of the investment cycle, from initial market research and target identification to structuring and closing, KAI offers the ability to engage a client’s specific needs at every stage of its business development in China. KAI can focus in on each specific stage with precise tools and services, but it is KAI’s experience and understanding of the entire life cycle which truly allows KAI’s team to advise clients for short- and long-term success.

Following the Investment Cycle

KAI staffs every project team with a combination of expatriate and Chinese national talent. Most KAI employees are bilingual, and KAI utilizes its team’s combination of local and international experience to bring local sensitivity and global business standards to every client project.

Bilingual, Bicultural Approach

KAI’s research methodology largely relies on in-depth discussions, both on and off the record, with key contacts at various government agencies, research institutes, and industrial associations, as well as directly with manufacturers, distributors, and other relevant market players. Leveraging relationships developed over the last 40 years, KAI has access to exclusive information from top experts and decision-makers.


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