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Cross Border M&A

KAI’s cross-border M&A services cover the entire life cycle of an investment, helping investors and companies examine any number of potential transactions and execute the most sound investments. KAI can assist in just one step of the process, or can participate throughout the entire cycle, depending on the client’s needs. KAI’s cross-border M&A services include market assessment, target identification, structuring, negotiations, monitoring, and trouble-shooting. KAI can also assist in the exiting process.

Market Assessment

KAI’s proven market research methodology and extensive network of contacts in industry and government give KAI the ability to canvass a universe of potential investment targets and identify top prospects to meet a client’s objectives. KAI has vast experience working with clients to articulate their growth aspirations, understand the competition, identify opportunities for potential growth, and develop an action plan.

Target Identification

Upon identification of a potential business partner or investment target, the KAI team provides a complete due diligence assessment of financial information, market position, reputation, key management, supply and distribution relationships, and government networks. In this process, KAI analyzes how potential synergies will work in the client’s favor and identifies potential obstacles. As part of the broader due diligence process, KAI can coordinate a client’s entire range of advisors, including auditing, legal, and technical teams.


As a transaction progresses, KAI can assist as a client structures its investment, assessing the best management configurations, minimizing tax burdens, protecting intellectual property rights, and maximizing investment exit options. KAI assists in facilitating merger integration where it is most valuable and necessary, creating an optimal leadership structure and pushing forward clear and realistic plans for integration.


KAI routinely facilitates negotiations in sensitive and developing industries, where Chinese and foreign partners may be unfamiliar with the counterparty’s business standards and practices. KAI brings both sides together and advances discussions in situations where miscommunication and misunderstandings may otherwise lead potential partners to prematurely end negotiations.


KAI’s services do not end with deal closure. KAI often continues rigorous monitoring of regulatory and market conditions that might affect an investment. The KAI team keeps clients well-informed and prepared for new opportunities and obstacles that may arise after an investment has been made.


KAI’s ongoing support extends to solving problems that arise post-closing. Whether helping to navigate new regulatory measures, settle clashes between partners, or reconcile commercial disputes, KAI can step in to resolve issues that continue to affect the client.


In addition to investment advisory, KAI also assists with divestment operations, helping clients by evaluating exit options, designing detailed separation plans, valuing the divested business, identifying potential buyers, and devising a targeted approach for screened buyers.

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