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Virginia Kamsky (Ginny) has played a significant role in China’s economic opening to foreign business and investment since 1978. Kamsky Associates, Inc., or KAI, founded by Ginny in 1980, was one of the first 20 American companies to be granted a business license in China. Since then, KAI has consummated deals in excess of USD $15 billion. In recent years, KAI has become a driving force for both outbound and inbound investment and disposition of overseas assets, with a focus on domestic consumption.

KAI’s strength lies in its unrivaled blend of business savvy and rich Asia-wide experience, which ensures that KAI’s work is focused and effective. Oriented towards both short- and long-term success, KAI provides a full range of services to advance the client’s objectives each step of the way. With its unparalleled commitment to the China market, KAI has developed expertise in navigating the opportunities and obstacles of China’s business world, and has cultivated a comprehensive network of relationships throughout the region.

KAI helps companies succeed in China and abroad by finding the right opportunities and facilitating the best strategies. KAI’s two core practice areas are cross-border M&A and strategic consulting, with a full suite of services in each practice area providing support for clients in all of their strategic needs.


Dr. Henry Kissinger and Ginny at the China Institute in America Gala, 2005


KAI recognizes that business objectives in China must take the role of the government into consideration, and KAI is well-prepared to navigate government structures. Both of KAI’s two core practice areas utilize our long history of developing and managing clients’ government relationships to meet commercial goals. Whether performing a market research analysis, restructuring a joint venture, or seeking regulatory approval, KAI engages its network of government contacts and sophisticated understanding of Chinese government hierarchies to achieve our clients’ objectives.


KAI’s government relations work involves a proven top-down/ bottom-up approach. KAI cultivates relationships with working-level officials tasked with regulatory implementation as well as senior officials with overall decision-making authority. By approaching a client’s business objective from these two levels, KAI ensures positive outcomes at both the decision-making and execution stages.


Virginia A. Kamsky (Ginny) is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kamsky Associates, Inc. (KAI), a strategic advisory firm with offices in Beijing and New York City. Following Virginia Kamsky’s arrival in China in 1978, KAI was one of the first approved foreign advisory firms in China. KAI has been responsible for advising on deals in excess of USD $15 billion for its client base, which includes preeminent companies worldwide.

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Wang Youbu

Director and Executive Vice President

Michael Kamsky

Director, Beijing and New York City


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