“There is no chance we could have done this without KAI. They were spectacular… I want to be an investor in whatever they do.”
—Tom Ryder
Director of Amazon.com and Chairman of Virgin Mobile, USA
Former Chairman of Reader’s Digest

“KAI has helped a large number of foreign businessmen successfully invest in China and helped China to invest overseas… KAI has also contributed to the furtherance of Sino-US relations and the enhancement of understanding between the two peoples. KAI is a true friend of China and is widely known here both in the political and business circles.”
—Ji Chaozhu
Ambassador to the UK
Former assistant to Chairman Mao Zedong and Premier Zhou Enlai

“KAI has a fundamental premise that it only seeks to establish client relationships when it perceives that the objective of the engagement is in both parties’ interest. That perspective has, among other reasons, facilitated the high regard in which it is held by various entities, government officials, and people within China.”
—John R. Sinnenberg
CEO of KPP private equity firm

“KAI has helped countless foreign companies achieve what they would not have been able to achieve on their own. I also believe few, if any, other firms could provide them with such outstanding results…”
—Xu Daquan
Former Vice Minister of Metallurgical Industry
Former Chairman of Baosteel

“I am highly positive about the work KAI has done, and as a result I am highly positive about our position in China.”
—William Kistler
Managing Partner, Kistler Investment Co.

“KAI’s expansive government contacts, strong diplomatic skills, and deep knowledge and respect of Chinese politics and culture have been invaluable to our business.”
—Tracey Armstrong
President and CEO, Copyright Clearance Center