Virginia Kamsky and President Hu Jintao in Washington, DC on April 20, 2006

Relationships And Experience

KAI recognizes that business objectives in China must take the role of the government into consideration, and KAI is well-prepared to navigate government structures. Both of KAI’s two core practice areas utilize our long history of developing and managing clients’ government relationships to meet commercial goals. Whether performing a market research analysis, restructuring a joint venture, or seeking regulatory approval, KAI engages its network of government contacts and sophisticated understanding of Chinese government hierarchies to achieve our clients’ objectives.

KAI’s government relations work involves a proven top-down/ bottom-up approach. KAI cultivates relationships with working-level officials tasked with regulatory implementation as well as senior officials with overall decision-making authority. By approaching a client’s business objective from these two levels, KAI ensures positive outcomes at both the decision-making and execution stages.

KAI keeps its finger on the pulse of China’s business environment and government policy trends. As a result, the firm has accomplished many significant “firsts” in a highly competitive market, including:

  • advising the first major Chinese overseas investment
  • negotiating the first wholly foreign-owned enterprise in China for a major US industrial company
  • obtaining the first insurance license for a foreign entity
  • setting up the first compensation trade mining venture
  • establishing the first foreign-invested major multi-use real estate development project in China