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CCTV: China’s progress in past 5 years “significant”: U.S. scholars

Spotlight: Experts see China’s economy continues to grow

Source: Xinhua | 2016-03-16 03:56:50 | Editor: huaxia
NEW YORK, March 15 (Xinhua) — U.S. experts are confident that the Chinese economy will see a slower yet more dynamic growth, with a more optimized structure and global outreach.
At the opening of the annual session of the National People’s Congress on March 5, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang [...]

US investor bullish about China’s economy

Investors are feeling bullish about the world’s second largest economy, as China maps out a guideline plan for the next 5 years.
Economy Report has an expert confident about the country’s economic growth.
Chinese premier Li Keqiang delivered a speech at the opening meeting of the national legislature annual session on Saturday.
He sets this year’s economic growth [...]

CCTV: On the Occasion of the September 2015 visit of President Xi Jinping to the U.S.: President Xi’s Track Record

Austal Christens USNS Trenton (JHSV 5)

The ship’s sponsor, Ms. Virginia A. Kamsky, is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kamsky Associates, Inc. (KAI), a strategic advisory firm with offices in Beijing and New York City. A cum laude graduate from Princeton University with a B.A. in East Asian Studies, Ms. Kamsky then attended the MPA program at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

Victims Low-key on China Hacking

POLITICO – Catalog all the public criticism of China for stealing American companies’ intellectual property in recent years and a remarkably small portion of it will come from the victimized businesses themselves. The standard line is that U.S. tech companies are cowed by the Chinese, outraged by the loss of intellectual property and trade secrets but unwilling to endanger their positions in China’s vast market.

KamskyCheng Interview // CNC World

The challenges the new Chinese leadership will have to face.

Virginia Kamsky’s passion for China has propelled her success in global business and the boardroom

Virginia Kamsky is founder, chairman
and CEO of Kamsky Associates Inc. (KAI), a strategic
advisory firm focused on investment into
China by foreign enterprises and China’s deployment
of assets overseas.

Lifelong Commitment

Virginia Kamsky has accomplished some amazing things in China, from drafting Chase Bank’s first foreign commercial bank loan to China to establishing one of the first Western advisory firms there

A Master Plan for Jeju’s Future

Virginia Kamsky speaks at the 6th Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity

Scholar Offers Tips for Major Firms in China

Virginia Kamsky commented that Lieberthal’s book is an “indispensable read for anyone navigating the China market”

2011 China Institute Gala

Virginia Kamsky is honored at the 2011 China Institute Gala in New York City

U.S. Scholar Applauds China’s New Focus on Balanced Growth

Virginia Kamsky discusses China’s growth in light of the Fourth Session of the 11th National People’s Congress (NPC) held in Beijing

Birthday Party Brought Forward to Aid Sino-US Ties

Virginia Kamsky hosted the China Institute Executive Summit in New York where corporate leaders, government officials and economists shared views on subjects relevant to US-China business activities and on the global influence of China.

Time to get down to business on renewable energy, experts say

It’s time for China and the US to get down to business when it comes to developing clean energy.

Win-Winning for High Stakes

Flying high over Zhuhai on the maiden voyage of a four-seater private jet, Tracy Colgan suddenly felt the air pressure drop. As the plane plummeted down, non-functional oxygen masks popped out and as Colgan lip-read the pilot’s frantic (and un-printable) words, she was sure it was all over. But not for Tracy Colgan.

Success in the East and West, Kamsky’s Glory and Challenge

Many people’s lives are all about pursuing fame and fortune. Kamsky is not like this; she has the golden touch when it comes to investing, and she is driven by forces more important than wealth.

Premier Wen Jiabao Addresses Progress in US-China Relations

Wen Jiabao’s address at a luncheon hosted by the China Institute in America on September 23, 2008.